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How long does it generally take for the smell (scent, odor) to wear off inside your home?

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Does EcoSMART® support or use animal testing?
EcoSMART® does not conduct any animal testing. The ingredients in our products are classified as minimum risk by the EPA and therefore are exempt from registration (and therefore toxicity testing requirements). EcoSMART®’s products qualify as minimum risk because the ingredients we use are food-grade materials categorized as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the FDA.

How do EcoSMART®’s products differ from other "green" pesticides currently on the market?
There are several distinct differences between EcoSMART®’s products and other so called "green" pesticides. First, the active and inert ingredients in our insecticides, herbicides and fungicides are all comprised of food grade material, and are all listed on the label. Another key difference is the fact that every EcoSMART® product is classified as a minimum risk pesticide and qualifies for the U.S. Government’s highest safety standard. That is why EcoSMART® products have the word "SAFE" prominently displayed on the front label. Another key difference is that while our products are safe to be used around people, pets and the environment, the plant oils used as the active ingredients are very toxic to insects as it targets and blocks a neuro-receptor called octopamine that is specific to insects. Mammals, birds and fish do not have these neuro-receptors so they simply metabolize the plant oils. Finally, it is important to point out that EcoSMART® only manufactures safe pesticides while most other comparable pesticide products are produced by the large chemical manufacturers that generate most of their revenue on their conventional, synthetic products.

How do EcoSMART® products work on insects? On weeds?
EcoSMART®’s pesticides contain a unique combinations of oils, a class of chemicals called terpenes, that are widespread in nature. They have a similar composition to octopamine, an insect’s version of adrenaline, which regulates heart rate, metabolism, movement and behavior. (Read more under how EcoSMART® products are safe and effective)

EcoSMART®’s Weed & Grass Killer uses plant oils at levels that can provide the herbicide / burn-down activity needed to control weeds, unwanted grasses, etc. This action comes from loss of plant cell membrane integrity.

Can your products be used on animals?
EcoSMART® does produce several products specifically for on-animal use. For a list of pet-approved products see our Pet Line or contact our customer service line (800-321-1741) for additional information.

Why do several of your lawn & garden products state it is recommended to test on plants first before applying to the entire plant?
Some plants/foliage are more sensitive to plant oils than other, especially tender new growth and blooms. We recommend that our insecticide/fungicide products be tested on your plants/foliage to ensure they are not sensitive to the plant oil active ingredients. It is also important to remember that other conditions could make plants more susceptible as well, such as if a plant is stressed due to drought conditions, etc.
Why do all the EcoSMART® products have a fragrance?
The plant oils EcoSMART® uses in their products are mostly all inherently fragrant. We are limited on what plant oils can be used in the product line based on the EPA’s Minimum-Risk Pesticide Program (, The plant oils approved by the EPA under their Minimum Risk program include cinnamon, peppermint, wintergreen, rosemary, lemongrass and clove. These same plant oils are commonly used in other consumer products for fragrance purposes. We formulate our products to make the fragrance as pleasant, soft and non-lingering as possible. In fact many of our customers enjoy using them as air fresheners! Because some people are sensitive to fragrance, we recommend testing the product in a small area before using over a larger area indoors.

Can the EcoSMART® lawn & garden products be used around lakes, ponds, streams, etc?
EcoSMART® products can be used around lakes, ponds, streams and other bodies of water since the plant oils used as the active ingredients do not persist in the soil and break down relatively quickly in water (up to 48 hours). Also, our products are not toxic to fish; however, our products are not labeled (and therefore should not be used) for direct applications to water.

Why is there no EPA registration number on your product labels?
Because EcoSMART®’s products only use food-grade ingredients, they are classified as Minimum-Risk pesticides by the EPA, and are therefore exempt from Federal EPA registration requirements under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act. For more information, visit the website:

Are EcoSMART®’s products as effective as conventional pesticides?
EcoSMART®’s university-tested and field-proven technology has provided natural pest control solutions to the agricultural and commercial markets for many years. Our complete retail line of EcoSMART® Minimum-Risk pesticides are designed to provide safe and effective alternatives to conventional insecticides.

What is the best way to minimize / eliminate the fragrance of your indoor products?
First, it is important to point out that the fragrance comes from the natural plant oils used in the active ingredients. Not from any toxic chemicals.

We formulate our products to be effective while minimizing fragrance where possible. The fragrance will dissipate on its own over a short period of time. However, the "strength" and "longevity" of the fragrance is a function of several factors, including how much product was used, where the product was used, if the product was applied to any absorbent surfaces (i.e. carpet, upholstery, etc.), the relative humidity in the area sprayed, the amount of air circulation in the area sprayed, etc.

If you find that the fragrance is too strong and/or lingers too long there are several things you can do to minimize it:
1. Ventilate the room. Open up the windows and use fans to circulate the air.
2. Clean up any excess material. Wipe up excess residues on hard surfaces. Use absorbent materials (recommend baking soda products such as Arm & Hammer Odor Eliminator for Carpet & Room, Glade Carpet & Room, etc) to pull up remaining product on carpet, fabric and upholstery.
3. If fragrance is still troublesome, try using either a enzymatic product (Woolite Pet Oxygen Odor and Stain Remover, Out! Stain & Odor Remover, and Endust Floor Care Pet Solutions.) or odor counteractant product (Febreze and other products containing beta-cyclodextrin. Follow instructions on the product label and allow enough time for odor removal. Vacuum up excess material after application. Repeat application if fragrance is persistent.
4. Clean the area with a detergent and water as a final step to remove any remaining residues.

How long do I need to wait to go on the grass after using one of your hose end products?
There is no "official" waiting period advising people/pets to stay off a lawn that was just sprayed with an EcoSMART® hose end product. However, best practices advise staying off the lawn until the product dries.

Is EcoSMART® as effective as conventional products?

YES! University research and field studies have proven that our products are as effective as conventional pesticides in their ability to kill insects fast and provide effective control. EcoSMART® pest control products have been used for more than a decade in professional and agricultural markets and have been proven to kill and control a broad spectrum of insects and other pests. In addition, unlike other insecticides that use a single plant oil, our formulas are comprised of patented plant oil blends that make the products significantly more effective against insects and other pests. Another key benefit is that, unlike many insecticides on the market, there is no known pest resistance to our active ingredients.

Do you have a warranty?
EcoSMART® does not provide product warranties, other than the expressed warranties on the labels of our products.

How do EcoSMART® products work?
EcoSMART®’s technology is based on the natural defenses that plants and trees use for their self-protection against insects and pathogens. Unlike other pesticides, our formulas are composed of the most effective combinations of plant oils. Our patented technology combines plant oils that target and block a key neurotransmitter receptor site found only in insects and other invertebrates.


Is your Weed & Grass Killer systemic?
EcoSMART®’s Weed & Grass Killer is not systemic. It is a non-selective burn down product that only affects the parts of a plant that are sprayed.

How long does your insect repellent protect against mosquitoes?
There are many factors that impact the residual protection provided by any on-skin insect repellent.
These include exposure to water, perspiration, temperature, severity of mosquito problem, etc. Our label states, "Apply every 2 – 3 hours or as needed."

How does your granule product work? Do ants take your granule to the nest like a bait?
EcoSMART®Lawn Granules kill and repel a variety of insects using a unique mode of action…targeting and blocking a neuroreceptor site (octopamine) which is present only in insects. The residual activity provided by the granules comes from the repellent activity on insects. They basically create an environment that insects do not like so they avoid it!

EcoSMART® granules do not work as a bait…insect do not ingest it/pick it up and take it back to the nest.

What is the best product to use for fleas outdoors? Indoors?
For controlling fleas outdoors (yard and perimeter of house), we recommend our Insect Killer for Lawns & Landscapes hose end or the Insect Killer Concentrate. For indoor, we recommend the Home Pest Control product. Simply follow the label instructions of whatever product you use.

Keep in mind that most insecticides, including EcoSMART®’s, only work against 2 of the 4 stages of a flea’s lifecycle (adult and larva stages). Because fleas are protected from insecticides in their egg and pupal stages, follow-up applications will be necessary to kill the fleas as they emerge from these protected stages.

How often do I need to apply the Mosquito & Tick Control hose end product? What about the Mosquito Fogger aerosol?
When applied correctly following label directions, our Mosquito & Tick Control hose end product should be applied every 3 to 4 weeks. If you are dealing with a severe mosquito problem you may need to apply more frequently. You will also need to reapply after a heavy rain.

The Mosquito Fogger aerosol is designed to be more of an area spray (i.e. around decks, patios, porches, playgrounds, etc) and will provide up to eight (8) hours of protection. It can be reapplied as necessary.

How far does your Wasp & Hornet spray reach? Does it provide immediate knockdown?
Our Wasp & Hornet aerosol has a jet spray that reaches up to 18 feet, and is designed to knock down stinging insects on contact.

EcoSMART® Ant & Roach Killer was effective on the bugs sprayed, but will it keep them from coming back?
Our Ant & Roach Killer is designed to kill fast, but it kills by contact. It does not remain in the environment for weeks or months like synthetic chemicals which promise to keep killing long after you spray them. The residue of synthetic chemicals also increases potential exposure to these harmful substances. However because of the natural repellency of our oils on insects, you can expect them to stay away while the fragrance dissipates.

How far will your Wasp & Hornet Killer spray?
Our Wasp & Hornet Killer spray has a reach of up to 18 feet.


How often do I need to reapply your lawn & garden products?
Like all Lawn & Garden products, the frequency of application on EcoSMART®’s lawn & garden products depends on a number of factors, including area of application, type and severity of pest problem, moisture conditions and temperature. The frequency of application information is listed on all of our product labels and is similar to the frequency of applying conventional, synthetic pesticides.

A good rule of thumb: one should expect to apply more frequently if applying in larger areas, when the pest problem is severe, if moisture conditions are high and/or if temperatures are high. It is also important to keep in mind that, unlike synthetic pesticides, the plant oils in our uses in their products are designed to breakdown over a short period of time so they do not persist in the environment and leave no long tern pesticide residues.

Are EcoSMART® insecticides for outdoor use?
Yes. Our products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Simply read the label on the container for the appropriate directions.

Can I spray my dog or cat with your products?
While our products are safe to use around pets, they are NOT intended for use directly on them.

Can I use your outdoor insecticides on or around my trees, shrubs or plants?
Our insecticides will not harm your plants if applied per the label directions. Some plants may be sensitive to our oils under certain conditions. Do not spray on newly planted cuttings, plant stressed by drought or when temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not spray the blooms directly. It is recommended to always test a small area first.


If the EcoSMART® products are truly safe, why are there Precautionary Statements on the label?
Under the EPA’s Minimum Risk pesticide program, products that qualify and are exempt from Federal EPA registration requirements are still required to meet certain labeling conditions which include simple, "good safety practices". These are precautionary statements that apply to all pesticides such as keeping out of the reach of children, avoid getting in eyes and getting on skin, and instructions on what to do if the product gets into eyes or onto skin.

How can your products be safe and effective?
Unique combinations of plant oils effectively target and block a key neurotransmitter receptor site found only in insects and other invertebrates. This finding was based on researching how plants and trees naturally defend themselves against insects and other pathogens.

Will my family need to leave the house after using any of your indoor products? If, so, for how long?
There is no "official" waiting period for people/pets to leave the house after applying indoor products. It is important to keep in mind that some individuals may be sensitive to the fragrance of plant essential oils. If the fragrance is too strong and/or lingers too long, refer to section on minimizing fragrance. When there is prior knowledge of sensitivity to fragrance, EcoSMART® recommends testing the product in a small area before using over a larger area indoors.

The EcoSMART® Weed & Grass Killer uses plant oils as the active ingredients. Does that mean the other EcoSMART® products are phytotoxic?
Many plant oils are phytotoxic to plants/foilage when used at high levels. Our Weed & Grass Killer uses plant oils at a higher percentage (vs. the insecticide products) to provide the herbicide / burn-down activity needed to control weeds, unwanted grasses, etc. But because some plants/foliage are more sensitive to plant oils than others (especially tender new growth and blooms), we recommend that our insecticide/fungicide products be tested on your plants/foliage prior to a full application. It is also important to remember that other conditions, such as drought, could make plants more susceptible to the oils.

Will any of the EcoSMART® products be harmful to our pets (i.e. dogs, cats, etc)?
EcoSMART® Products provide application instructions, which take into account the amount of material that can safely be used under certain conditions. Our complete line of EPA exempt products are made with plant oils such as rosemary, cinnamon, and peppermint, all of which are approved as Direct Food Additives or classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. A listing of all active and inert ingredients is provided on the product label and we encourage customers to read through this before using.

More information on how to use pesticides safely is provided in EPA’s Citizens Guide.

Is it ok to spray EcoSMART® products around my dog / cat / bird / fish? Is it ok to let them in the yard after spraying a hose end product?
There is no "official" waiting period advising people/pets to stay off a lawn that was just sprayed with an EcoSMART® hose end product. However, in the spirit of "good safety practices", staying off the lawn until the product dries is recommended.

How safe are EcoSMART® insecticides?
Most insecticides are required by EPA to have an extensive list of precautionary and first aid statements on their labels since they use synthetic chemicals as their active ingredient. Our products, however, don’t bear such warnings because the FDA classifies the plant oils used in EcoSMART® products as "Generally Recognized As Safe" (GRAS) — the same label placed on approved foods and beverages. Additionally, the EPA classifies our products as "Minimum-Risk" pest control products, a special category of EPA exemption offered for food grade ingredients. In fact, the active botanical ingredients found in EcoSMART® products are the same ingredients commonly found in your spice rack! The EcoSMART® active ingredient plant oils utilize a unique, proprietary targeted mode of action that attacks the central nervous system of insects, but have no adverse effect on humans or pets.

Do our family and pets have to leave the room when EcoSMART® products are applied?
No, there is no reason to leave the treated area when using our products. You can enjoy the utmost in safety and convenience without having to sacrifice effectiveness.

Essentials oils are fragrant. How long does the scent last and is it safe to breathe the air?
Our products are made with essentials oils which by nature are fragrant, but are non-toxic and do not require vacating the area after use. The fragrance will normally dissipate within hours.

Will the indoor products stain my carpet, floors, walls or counters?
While we have tested our indoor products on many types of surfaces and materials, we cannot possibly check them all. It is always wise to test the product in an inconspicuous place on your carpet, fabric or other surface to check for staining before applying a full application. Always use sparingly and wipe away any excess product after use.

Labels and Ingredients

What is 2-Phenythyl Propionate?
2-Phenythyl propionate is a derivative of peanut oil, but it does not contain the enzyme that triggers peanut allergies.

What is Sodium Laurel Sulfate?
Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) is a food grade surfactant that is contained in many cleaning and personal hygiene products (i.e. toothpaste, shampoos, bubble bath, etc). A surfactant is used in some EcoSMART® products to reduce the surface tension of water.

What is Eugenol?
Eugenol is extracted from certain plant essential oils, especially from clove oil, nutmeg, cinnamon, and basil. It is commonly used in perfumes and as a flavoring. In medicine it is used as a local antiseptic and anesthetic.

What is Sodium Benzoate?
Sodium benzoate is a type of salt that is typically added to foods as a preservative. EcoSMART® also uses a small amount of sodium benzoate as a preservative in a couple of its products.

What is Polyglyceryl Oleate?
Polyglceryl oleate is a vegetable folic acid that is an excellent emulsifier (enables water & oil to mix) commonly used in personal care products and cosmetics. EcoSMART® uses it in some products as an emulsifier as well (to mix the plant oils with water).

What is Octadecenoic Acid Potassium Salt (potassium oleate)?
Potassium oleate is the potassium salt of oleic acid that is used as an emulsifier (enables water & oil to mix). It is also approved for use in foods. EcoSMART® uses it in some products as an emulsifier as well (to mix the plant oils with water).

Can you explain what some of the "other ingredients" are that are listed on your labels?
The "other ingredients" listed on our product labels are inert ingredients. These materials enhance effectiveness and performance of the pesticide product and may serve a variety of functions (including, but not limited to): solvents, emulsifiers, preservatives, and spreaders.


Can I order over the phone?
Yes. Just call 1-714-736-1000 and speak to one of our customer service agents. You will need to provide a credit card number for payment at time of order.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

When will my credit card be charged?
Your card is charged at time of order. Your payment will show up on your credit card statement as EcoSMART® and you will receive a copy of the payment with your order.

What is your refund policy?
EcoSMART® products will perform to work as represented on the label following the proper instructions. If not satisfied with your purchase, please return to your point of purchase for a more immediate return or call our customer service hotline at 714-736-1000, so we can address your concerns or provide a refund if needed, with proof of purchase within 30 days.