"Move over DEET, EcoSmart is natural, smarter, safer, and better."

"My field tests with 47 participants using EcoSmart Insect Repellent worked great for personal use with biting beach flies, mosquitos, and no-see-ums, here in Florida, at the Jersey Shore, and in the Caribbean. The islands are having a significant increase in the number of Dengue Fever cases, and we wanted an effective non-DEET product we could all use. The no-see-ums were horrible, but thankfully EcoSmart works on them as well." "EcoSmart was used safely and very successfully by everyone on our research trip with the Smithsonian scientists to study marine jellies this summer on the island of Bonaire. Heavy rains meant heavy insects, and we were glad we could use EcoSmart on our kids as well. We used EcoSmart Flying Insect to spray the screens and inside the house. Imagine doing that with the toxic pesticides normally found in sprays. Especially with children around. Move over DEET, EcoSmart is natural, smarter, safer, and better."

- Bud G.

"Just WOW!"

"Hi. I live beachside by Daytona and fleas are a huge problem during this time of year. I've tried Everything in the past and they continued to party on my pets each year until I resorted to calling a costly exterminator... Until today. I was looking for something natural & I found it. Im an expectant mother and my youngest son is not yet 2yrs, and I recently brought a teacup dog into my family so have been doing my best to avoid getting into chemicals when the flea outbreak happened. I was instantly impressed with the fast relief your product was able to deliver. I literally shampooed my carpet with it & sprayed inside and around the outside by the doors etc and plan to treat the rest of the yard tomorrow. The mint is very potent so I left my doors open & spent some time enjoying the ocean air but amazingly have not seen a single living flea or any other pesty insect since I sprayed and treated with EcoSmart... which most products that say they kill and repell instantly BUT only last briefly If they work at all. And then they leave residue & half the house ends up in the sink, laundry, dishwasher, or tub... even the clean stuff...but this... Just WOW! No residue and the ingredients are all natural. Im not easily impressed... but I have to say, this has certainly impressed me & I'm sure it will become an epidemic around here when I spread the word to my neighbors & friends who really hate resorting to those harsh chemicals to rid these seemingly impossible tiny insects. Thank you EcoSmart!!"

- Morgan


"Dear EcoSMART, I just wanted to tell you how much I love EcoSmart ant & roach killer. For the past couple of weeks I have been battling ants on my back patio. Having tried absolutely every animal-safe home remedy I know of, and after my poor dogsat in a trail of ants, I finally found your product at my local grocery store.The ants are gone!! I still have to reapply now and again, but that is notrouble. And the scent is so pleasant. I just got back from my vet's office dueto my poor dog's tushy still being sore from the ants, and I told him and hisassistant about EcoSmart, and anyone else who would listen. Basically, just THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! "

- Sheri F.